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We believe you don’t need to choose between healthy and delicious.

At Sweet Nothings, we have created a ready-to-eat creamy frozen snack to power you through your day.

Sweet Nothings is a healthy food company creating frozen snacks made from organic fruits, nuts, and seeds. Our product is clean, delicious, and free from animal products, added sugar, gums, and stabilizers. Our customers tell us it is the perfect mid-morning snack, 3pm-pick-me-up, and guilt-free dessert. We sell in 3.5 oz single serving containers, all of which clock in at under 100 calories.

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Meet Beth

Beth has always had a passion for helping others. Fifteen years ago, she founded her first company providing behavior services to families with children on the autism spectrum, still a thriving business in Southern California serving 150 families a day.

Her next challenge

Beth’s own interest in health and wellness led her to create Sweet Nothings. She became frustrated with the enormous challenge people face today when looking for healthy, nourishing foods. She also became increasingly aware of the connection between nutrition and wellbeing. She was determined to find products in the market that were genuinely healthy – made WITH whole, unprocessed foods, and NOT filled with added sugars, chemical stabilizers, or otherwise unpronounceable ingredients, From yogurts to cereals to nutrition bars, the options are limited when it comes to healthy, and delicious snacking. After searching countless stores and websites, reading labels and speaking with friends, she concluded the product she was looking for didn’t exist. So she started on a journey to make exactly what she was looking for. By combining the perfect amount of organic fruit, nuts and seeds, she created frozen goodness that her family and friends loved eating all day long, and Sweet Nothings was born.


Healthy Meets Delicious

Every delicious cup is made with only real ingredients that you can recognize and pronounce, including functional superfoods like flax and chia. It is healthy enough for breakfast, wholesome enough for a snack and delicious enough for dessert.


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